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This series, also posted on YouTube, provides a fascinating insight into what it's like for gay men to live in Beijing, what it means to be gay and also how foreigners find life here. Both foreigners and native Chinese are featured in often very candid interviews. Everything is discussed, from sex and the best bars to questions striking at the heart of gay identity and challenges to stereotypes.

Check out QAF Beijing for more info. A very relaxed atmosphere with a half and half crowd of Chinese and foreigners, it is very easy to meet new people here, and for foreigners new to the city the films provide a great way to see gay life in Beijing from a Chinese perspective. This organization was established to provide networking opportunities for the professional gay crowd of Beijing. A mix of ages here, and usually men who come along speak very good English amongst an array of other languages.

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A very friendly crowd, who mingle around the stylish Philippe Starck-designed bar meeting interesting guys. Everyone is ready to indulge in a hearty conversation or just shoot the breeze. Guys here are very welcoming and you can happily look forward to a lack of clique! Unlike some of the bigger clubs, this crowd is happy to welcome a stranger. Boyair Swim team was established in , in part by ex Chinese swim champion "Wolf". A largely young crowd of playful guys who spend the afternoon on Saturdays doing laps at pools around Haidian, the swim meet is often topped off with a warmly competitive relay race.

This team is one of the most supportive elements of the gay community in Beijing. At the swim meets, there is presently training for those who want to learn to swim freestyle while the dinner and game afterwards provides an opportunity for guys to catch up, hang out and meet new friends.

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Once a year a large variety show is organised at which all the members of Boyair several hundred guys show their talents. Expect drag queens, fashion shows, singers, Beijing opera, dancers, traditional Chinese zither guqin players and much more.

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All the members of the team have their own "flower names," pseudonyms for their gay identity, such as "Snow Wolf", "SM", "White Rabbit" and "Brown Camel", so think of your own before you go. Although some members speak English, it is a good idea to be able to speak a little Chinese or, even better, go with a Chinese friend.

Beijing's most famous gay bar and the overwhelmingly popular destination for the young gay crowd of Beijing. A vibrant, pulsating hip hum-drum of bodies writhing to the big beats, this place has been the most enduring gay club in Beijing.

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A mix of rooms for chatting, dancing or lounging, all types, all ages. Hotels in Beijing - Booking. Lucky for Nick, he can afford to be choosy; as an expat, he's a hot item on gay dating sites and apps. Nick estimates that he receives dozens of messages every day on Blued, a Chinese dating app for gay men along the lines of Grindr or Jack'd. Among them are requests to chat, invitations for dates and snapshots of their private parts. He also does video blogging on Blued, where he sometimes garners up to 1, viewers.

Chinese gay dating app halts registration after underage HIV report | Bangkok Post: news

Broadcasts on the app often feature people talking, singing or dancing; Nick even likes to show off his professional cooking skills on camera every once in awhile. As with so many foreigners in China, Nick says a common icebreaker among Chinese guys is asking him to teach them English or Russian.

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Unfortunately, that isn't the only dating stereotype that carries over into the world of gay romance. In his experience, Nick says it's also common for Western men to be targeted as potential sugar daddies, recalling one first date in which the guy queried Nick about his income, and then asked that Nick buy him a new phone. Nick said while some expats feel used when Chinese dates approach them for their language skills, "exotic" looks or presumed wealth, Nick himself is holding fast to his predilection for Asian guys.

But he says it's less a fetish as it is a personal preference.

No matter whether you are white, yellow or black. It's just about what you like. Some like muscles; some like tall people. With a stable job, a solid group of friends and a comfortable home complete with a cat, he's committed to living in China long term. He doesn't even mind that he can't get married. Thanks to growing mainstream acceptance of China's LGBT community, including an increase in services like dating apps aimed at this demographic, it's become easier for gay expats to live and date in China.

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The perks and pitfalls of dating as a foreigner Luke, a year-old Brit living in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, was enjoying a stroll through the park with his new friend, a cute young Chinese doctor, when their conversation came to a screeching halt. Maybe you could be my boyfriend.

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