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The bill lapsed in the general election, however.

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The major opposition to introducing same-sex marriages or civil unions comes from the Roman Catholic Church, which is influential politically, holding a considerable degree of influence in the state. In January , the Sejm voted to reject five proposed bills that would have introduced civil partnerships for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples. In December , the Sejm refused to deal with a civil partnership bill proposed by Your Movement , with MPs voting against debating the bill, and MPs voting for.

In May , the Sejm again refused to deal with the topic, with MPs voting against and only for. Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said that civil partnerships were an issue for the next Parliament to deal with. A new registered partnership bill was proposed on 12 February by the Modern party. In June , the European Court of Justice ruled that EU members states must grant married same-sex couples, where at least one partner is an EU citizen, full residency rights. While Poland possesses no specific law on cohabitation, it does have a few provisions in different legal acts or Supreme Court rulings that recognise relations between unmarried partners and provide said partners specific rights and obligations.

For example, Article 11 of the Penal Code Polish: Kodeks karny uses the term "the closest person", which covers romantic relations that are not legally formalised. The status of "the closest person" gives the right of refusal to testify against the partner. The term "partner" is not explicitly defined.

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The Court interpreted the law in a way that recognised the surviving partner as authorised to take over the right to tenancy. This also includes a person of the same sex. Poland , that LGBT people have the right to inherit from their partners. Same-sex couples are unable to legally adopt in Poland. Furthermore, lesbian couples do not have access to IVF. In October , the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that a lesbian couple may register their 4-year-old boy as their child.

Polish media described the case as "the first of its kind in Poland". Anti-discrimination provisions were added to the Labour Code in The Polish Constitution guarantees equality in accordance with law and prohibits discrimination based on "any reason". In , an anti-discrimination law was under preparation by the Ministry of Labour that would prohibit discrimination on different grounds, including sexual orientation, not only in work and employment, but also in social security and social protection, health care, and education, although the provision of and access to goods and services would only be subject to a prohibition of discrimination on grounds of race or ethnic origin.

It prohibits sexual orientation discrimination in employment only. The court argued that the principle of equality meant the printer did not have the right to withhold services from the LGBT business. The court also ruled that sexual orientaion, race or other features of a person cannot be the basis for refusal to offer a service, but that freedom of conscience and religion must also be taken into account. The Campaign Against Homophobia welcomed the ruling, but it was condemned by Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro who called the ruling "against freedom" and "state violence in service of the ideology of homosexual activists".

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As of , a bill is pending in Parliament to provide penalty enhancements if a crime is motivated by the victim's gender, gender identity, age, disability or sexual orientation. Legal gender changes have been performed since the s. In July , the Polish Sejm approved a transgender recognition bill. Under the bill, transgender people would have been able to change gender without any physical interventions, but would have required statements from mental health experts that they are indeed suffering from gender dysphoria.

The bill was approved to The Senate approved the bill in August.

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Lesbian, gay and bisexual people are not banned from military service. Gay and bisexual men have been allowed to donate blood in Poland since In , the National Blood Center established regulations banning blood donation by gay and bisexual men, but the regulations were quickly repealed. Nevertheless, half believed homosexuality should be tolerated. An opinion poll conducted in late at the request of the European Commission indicated that Polish public opinion was overwhelmingly opposed to same-sex marriage and to adoption by same-sex couples. Of the EU member states surveyed, only Latvia and Greece had higher levels of opposition.

Sixty percent of respondents stated that they would have no objections to having an openly gay minister or a head of government. A study published in the newspaper Rzeczpospolita revealed that Poles overwhelmingly opposed same-sex marriage and the adoption of children by same-sex couples. The parties on the left of the political scene generally approve of the postulates of the gay rights movement and vote in favour of LGBT legislation. Out of these, PiS takes the strongest oppositional stance on homosexual issues. After the elections , the Law and Justice party PiS came to power.

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The politicians of these parties have often been labelled as "homophobic" by LGBT rights activists, both before and after the elections. It is a kind of madness, and for that madness, our rule will indeed be for them a dark night". Is that liberty and democracy? Our Polish pope is looking down from the sky and asking, 'Whither goest thou, Poland? The presidential address outraged left-wing political parties and gay rights activists, who subsequently invited the two to Poland and demanded apologies from the President, which he did not issue.

He also asked the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso "not to believe in the myth of Poland as an anti-Semitic, homophobic and xenophobic country". In one interview, he stated that he had always been "in favour of tolerance" and that "the issue of intolerance towards gay people had never been a Polish problem".

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He said he did not recall gays being persecuted in the Polish People's Republic more severely than other minority groups and acknowledged that many eminent Polish celebrities and public figures of that era were widely known to be homosexual. He also confirmed that there are some homosexuals in his own party, but said they would rather not open their private lives to the public.

In a interview for Gazeta Wyborcza , former Polish Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz stated that his opinion about homosexual people changed when he met a Polish gay emigrant in London. The man stated that he "fled from Poland because he was gay and would not have freedom in his country". Marcinkiewicz concluded that he wouldn't want anyone to flee from Poland. In a interview, President-elect , Andrzej Duda , originally from the PiS party, was asked if he would hire a homosexual.

He answered that he would not care about personal relationships, as long as the person who was to be hired was not running around half-naked. They are, in my view, destroying the traditional family which, since the dawn of mankind, has assured its development and endurance. In November , it was reported that President Andrzej Duda would support a ban on "homosexual propaganda", based on the Russian gay propaganda law. He said: In November , following government pressure and threats, more than schools cancelled a planned anti-bullying campaign called "Rainbow Friday", which the Campaign Against Homophobia had promoted in hopes of building greater acceptance for LGBT students in Poland and fighting hatred and homophobia in schools.

The Minister of Educational , Anna Zalewska , had warned that any principals who allowed such events to take place could face negative consequences. She also asked parents to report any such activities to authorities, [81] [82] but it was reported that many students defied the ban and turned up to school in rainbow colors and many schools refused to comply with these anti-freedom warnings.


They entered into a coalition government with PiS and Samoobrona. In June , while in the European Parliament , he called for "no tolerance for homosexuals and deviants". While condemning the parade, he stated the "deviants" should be "hit with batons". He also commented on the possible presence of German politicians at the parade, saying that "they are not serious politicians, but just gays and a couple of baton strikes will deter them from coming again. Gays are cowards by definition. He accused LGBT organisations of being involved with paedophiles and the illegal drug trade.

He also wished to check if homosexual organisations penetrated Polish schools. In response to this, the State Prosecutor ordered all prosecutors to carefully check the financing of LGBT organizations, their alleged connections to criminal movements and their presence in schools. The new director of the centre said that "homosexual practices lead to drama, emptiness and degeneracy. Posts about, maggie33gd, dating site for couples. Nowadays warsaw, 32, poland singles that identify themselves as latino, this is a date smarter with zoosk online environment.

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