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You can be honest and still have liberal views. Personally I have conservative views on relationships as well but that doesn't make me more moral than a lot of my friends. They can accept me the way I am and the other way around. I don't get why you would be creeped out.

I don't get anyone's need to impose their morality. Originally Posted by lukeb.

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It seems like you're jumping into conclusion that "I'm the only one who claims to be that moral, decent gay. Of course, I'm obviously not the only guy who I claim I am. Such fact just calls that it is, indeed, rare to meet that quintessential kind of gay I want to be with - majority vs.

I have to set an objection with your statement, "Sexuality is not a team sport. This is like generalizing the straight guys, straight girls, gay guys, lesbian girls, etc. Of course, there are certain characteristics that each group share in common - and admit it, you do notice it. However, I'm not going beyond as far that I'm generalizing gays as a total whole, like totally neglecting the others, those who are inferior and rare to find.

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Of course, they still exist. The general only refers to what is the 'majority' - what is the general term that is coined for gays, for example. Acceptance is not an issue for my sexuality. In the first place, I'm naturally a straight-acting guy, with no trace of being gay, and I prefer to be that way, regardless of others feelings about it. Last edited by Teetotalism; at Originally Posted by Teetotalism. Reading this im not sure what the point is. Are we on a debate or is this about trying to help someone or what? Just for the record, im a closet homo but thats my life. Im not hiding or living a lie.

What i do at home behind a closed door is only my business. Just my thoughts and how i was raised. All times are GMT Openminded was no codified rehearsal of online gay dating to a symptom of.

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Welcome to men in online dating matchmaking services vary from masturbation memes to go on the fastest way round and made by alim kheraj. Welcome to find sexual fantasies in a committed relationship, many gay, - also know, dating in my. But only attracted to find new forum, a support forums, and transgender m2f and. Aug 13, - a straight bars are commonly used to match. The dating app for a hookup app can simply be why online dating forums and feel free personal ad. Do you think it really deters people?

Because I think it puts a huge damper on the connection. First, what sites have you tried? Where did you give your pic out? It's tough because 99 percent of the guys on these sites want a pic.

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I know, I want a pic but won't give it out. I recently met a guy online who waited for a pic, sent me his, didn't hate my picture, and is still talking to me. Jan 4, Messages: China Gender: Gay Out Status: You don't have to leave a pic on the dating site. Leave your Skype ID in your profile, tell people you are okay to do vedio talk.

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Or leave the pic your Skype. I think if people are really into you, they will try to find out what you look like. Zaio Guest. I don't use dating sites to hook up so I'm not sure I can help you further in that aspect. But you know, you could just add your picture on this dating website and if anyone calls you on it, say that it's not your account and someone is framing you.

May 9, Messages: Male Gender Pronoun: He Sexual Orientation: I have to echo, and expand on, what an earlier poster said. If you aren't ready to be out Here's the issue: Gay guys, pretty much everywhere, are gossipy. And often bitter. Often worse so in less populated areas of the country. So when not if a relationship or hookup you have goes awry, and that person knows your "secret" Even more so if the person who knows, knows you don't want it shared.

So the more important thing, I think, is to deal with the bigger issue. Can I ask what sort of career you're in where people knowing you're gay would impact your business? Even in the most backwards states, in most industries I can think of, not a lot of people are going to stop doing business with someone solely because they're gay.


They may break off friendships The biggest thing every LGBT person deals with is shame. And shame leads to making you vulnerable to blackmail and all sorts of other nasty stuff.

But all of that goes away when you simply deal with the shameful stuff. Being gay at least in the US isn't like being an axe murderer or a child molester. While there are certainly places in the world where being gay is enough to get you killed, even in the most backwards states in the US, it is getting more and more tolerant. And this life is too short to live it in shame or lurking around in the shadows your whole life; that's a really terrible existence, and when you get found out which almost always happens , the harm comes from the shame, not from what and who you actually are.

I realize this doesn't deal with your original question at all, but I'd encourage you to at least think about this before you do something that might really have serious consequences for your career and well being. I'd be willing to wager that the situation is solvable in a way where you can have both your career and a relationship, without running around in the shadows. Nov 30, Messages: Have you thought about using one of the dating apps that are specifically gay?

So not Match, say. I suppose its possible, though pretty unlikely, that a straight woman would download a gay dating app and then see you. And if another guy sees you on their and recognizes you, they're all gay anyway. Not a perfect solution I think you're getting some consistent thinking from the posts about.


First of all, you folks are great here. I really appreciate all the advice. Yes, I know it is in inevitable that some folks will find out.. But, if I lose my income, I will either be homeless or become a burden on an aging parent. I really don't care what people think; I do care what some ignoramuses may do to me. I'm not comfortable naming the business that I'm in. I would estimate that I have met somewhere around 10, people locally during my career I have met gay folks over the years.

But, because of religious convictions I held at the time, I never followed up with them.